AIM Pages Launched

Updated: changed some stuff around after playing with Pages a bit longer.

AIM Pages, the mythical "MySpace Killer" developed by AOL, launched this morning at Michael Arrington at TechCrunch weighs in:

If AIM Pages launched today as a stand alone company with no affiliation to AOL, I’d be ripping it apart. Personal publishing is very easy, and users have too many choices. Anything new really has to stand out, and AIM Pages doesn’t. AIM Pages is a slick looking Ajax product, but is not really raising the bar v. Myspace, Tagworld and others. I’m also dissapointed that it’s not working properly in Firefox. Now, the fact that your AIM Page will be prepopulated with your AIM buddies is a big competitive advantage, and I imagine AIM will have some level of success due to that asset.

I'm a few minutes into testing the product, so here's some quick thoughts.

I have to disagree with Michael here, and agree with Jason Calacanis: AIM Pages is absolutely the best social networking software that's out there right now.  It shares a lot of the same features as TagWorld, but is much faster and easier to actually get stuff done than TagWorld is.  I love TagWorld to death, and have always viewed it as the underdog fighting the big bully in MySpace, but AOL just jumped directly into the fray with a thundering shot that will be heard 'round the world.

Customizing your profile is far easier than MySpace, and just a bit easier than TagWorld. Everything is done via AJAX, and it's pretty intuitive as far as profile editors go. I completely overhauled my profile in three minutes, doing things that would have taken me at least an hour searching through various third-party MySpace Custom Profile sites to complete.

Adding buddies/friends is super easy. You click Edit on that section, and it'll tell you which of your buddies from your AIM screen name are eligible for inclusion on your list. If they have an AIM Page, they're eligible and can be added immediately. If they don't (which is the case for 99% of my buddies right now), they're listed under ineligible, but it gives you the option of sending out an IM to let them know they can create a profile. I expect that within a week, most people using AIM will have already set up a Page and the network will grow to massive proportions quite quickly.

Setting up a photo album is also easy. You can browse your computer for photos, post pictures from the AOL network, or even include photos sent to you via AOL Albums. Everything is done via a nice drag-n-drop interface.  Oh, and there's a Flickr module if you're not satisfied with the AOL options.  I dropped the Flickr module in, added my username and how many photos I wanted to show, and instantly had my Flickr gallery showing on my profile.
Styling your page and even each individual module is cookie-cutter simple. They've got tons of overall themes to style the main look of your site with, and each section can by recolored, have individual fonts, and more. You can design your own themes, of course, but the preset ones are pretty decent as well.

AOL has included modules for just about everything you can think of, from sports and weather all the way down to the ability to include RSS feeds.  They're also proving that they "get it" with the inclusion of stuff like links and Flickr photos.  I don't know how much effect Jason Calacanis is really having over there, but good lord, they've changed so much since he joined the company that there HAS to be something going on that we're not aware of.

TagWorld does a lot of stuff that MySpace doesn't do. AIM Pages does a ton of things that MySpace does not do. The difference is that AOL Pages does it quickly, easily and far more effectively.  Oh, and AIM Pages also has a potential instant userbase of 100 million plus users, because everyone who has an AIM screen name has an AIM page reserved just for them. In a matter of weeks, AOL Pages could soar right past MySpace in terms of users, but I don't think it'll stick that quickly. MySpace has become an online home for millions of teens, twenty-somethings and older, and it has a "sticky" factor that will pretty much put the boots to anyone else that tries to overtake it. TagWorld is the best full-featured social networking site out there, and I love the service and the folks that run it, but it won't ever overtake MySpace in the pop culture arena.

MySpace wasn't the first and it surely isn't the best, but it has a userbase that is very, very large and extremely dedicated. AIM Pages is certainly the best social networking software out there today, surpassing TagWorld quite quickly and making MySpace look like a 1995 website in comparison.   Great job, AOL, for continuing to prove that you are open and honest, embracing standards that even the "cool" companies like Google are starting to lose sight of.

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TagWorld and the upcoming war

Texas weather is no fun at all. After a brief period of rainy days and cool nights, we’re staring in the face of 90 degrees today, and I gotta tell you, the outlook is really, really bright. Too bright for my tastes, in fact. I despise hot weather, which makes my desire to get over to Iraq as soon as possible seem a little strange, I guess.

I’ve been talking with the folks over at TagWorld about implementing The Favorites into their featured bands lineup. The TW people have been nothing if not incredibly receptive and supportive; how many other CEO’s of companies with 2 million users will take the time to not only respond to your messages personally, but contact YOU on their own volition to see how you’re enjoying the service? Not too many. It’s just one reason that Tagworld blows Myspace out of the water in every single aspect outside of user count, but that’ll come.

The war over social networking is getting ready to heat up, and I think it’s going to be ugly. AOL now has revealed that it’s building a social networking site based around AIM where each AIM user will have a page a Yeah, it’ll be huge, but it won’t be as big as everyone seems to think. A platform built around AIM means that Yahoo exclusive users won’t get to to be involved unless they sign up for AIM, and this’ll mean cutting out a large percentage of people who use Tagworld or MySpace.

But yeah, it’s going to be ugly. I’m pulling for TagWorld on this one, because they just rock.


TagWorld: Infinitely Better Than MySpace

I haven’t used TagWorld in a few months. Granted, I haven’t really used ANY of the social networking sites I used to follow in a few months; MySpace only gets used to promote the band and interact with our listeners, and even then Jon is doing most of the work.

On a whim today, and basically because I saw a few posts by Derek talking a contest he’d entered for designing new TagWorld themes, I decided to give TagWorld another go. I talked about TagWorld a few months back, basically saying that it had all the tools to become a MySpace killer, but that I thought it would have a hard time attracting people away from the behemoth that is MySpace, even with the tools it was offering. I’ve been correct in that prediction, because MySpace is now the #2 most visited site on the internet and signs up 300,000 new accounts every day of the week. It’s a juggernaut and nobody can really compete with it, but I think TagWorld now has a shot at becoming a solid second choice for social networking.

And man, TagWorld just KILLS MySpace in terms of the features they offer. You have complete control over your profile page, you can create new sub-pages for whatever you want, you can include video and audio (in a much easier manner than you can on MySpace), and they’re finally starting to gain some traction in terms of picking up new users.

TagWorld is hot. I don’t think I’ll ever be a conventional MySpacer again. Here’s my TagWorld profile; if you sign up for an account, be sure to drop by and add me to your friends.


Google will own social networking within 6 months

Google’s free hosting service is just one more step in the direction of taking over pretty much every facet of the internet from businesses that have been around a lot longer and do things a lot better than Google ever will.  The Google Page Creator is simply wonderful, and it’ll be great for people who have no idea how to create webpages but want an online presence so they can brag to their friends that theyve got a website.  The thing is, though, Google is going to build social networking into this thing at some point, and at that point it stops becoming a nice free webpage creator and becomes something that could effectively kill MySpace.  With the type of information Google stores and the ease of use for getting it via their search, MySpace would have absolutely no chance whatsoever to compete with them.  Yes, they’ve got jillions of users, but I can pretty much guarantee that Google would convert 80% of those within a year.  MySpace might be the cool site of the moment, but Google is the cool site ALWAYS, and they would have no problem taking over and ruling the social networking scene.  You can forget about TagWorld and any of the other competitors, because Google already has Google Video, Google Book Search, Froogle, Google Talk, Gmail and a thousand other applications they could build in to this page creator to turn it into the ultimate social networking tool.