UFC 71 Preview

UFC 71

Sorry for missing last month’s predictions. I actually wrote up about half of the preview, and then work issues kicked in and I never got a chance to finish it up. I made the decision to try and keep this preview under 1,000 words, as the half I’d written last month was over 3,000 words and counting. Which, if you think about it, is ridiculous.

UFC 71 is built around one fight; the company has even decided to skip the whole “let’s give this show a cheesy nickname” spiel, instead simply calling it Liddell vs. Jackson. To me, this fight is the most anticipated one since Randy Couture chased down Tim Sylvia for his heavyweight strap, and I’m actually rooting for an upset. While I don’t think it’ll happen, I do think it could mean a bigger money rematch down the line with Liddell taking an uncharacteristic underdog role.

Let’s get right to it. Continue reading